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Self-Compassion Comes From God's Compassion

I am in coaching right now, and my coach is holding me accountable to work through exercises regarding self-compassion.

The most recent one I did involved writing about what imperfections make me feel inadequate, and then writing a response letter to myself from the perspective of "an unconditionally loving imaginary friend".

The exercise is all about self-compassion, but I realized that what really needs to happen is for me to take Christ's perfect, undeserved compassion for me and apply it to myself. You see, I don't deserve compassion on my own, but it is given to me willingly by a perfectly loving artist God and was won for me forever on Jesus's bloody cross.

I did the first two steps of the exercise a few days ago, and I just went through step three, which asked that I read the letter I wrote to myself. I thought it might be worth sharing with all of you. I ended up writing it from God to me, because he meets the requirements of "an unconditionally lov…

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