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The Enneagram: I Dare You.

"Aller Anfang ist schwer."
-German proverb translated, "Every beginning is hard."

I would like to take this moment to step away from the weird exciting-meets-terrifying-meets-icky-meets-growth that is the promoting of a book to talk about something else. I wanted to just rattle out a blog post, like the good ol' days.

A lot of my free time lately has gone to digging deeply into first the Myers-Briggs and then the Enneagram personality typing systems. I have been a fan of both for years, but in the last number of months, I have for some reason felt very compelled to dig DEEP. For this post, I want to focus on the Enneagram.

Digging into the Enneagram is probably part of an answer to my prayer that God would help me to see my sin. Yikes! I can't say the entire journey has been fun. In fact, I have been feeling kind of off-kilter lately, and like I am starting to see the games I play, like I am "on to" myself. "Aha! That's why you do that, …

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