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Don't Read This Post at the Dinner Table

"If you have to go potty,
stop and go right away."
-Daniel Tiger

I have been working on a book. It is about my journey to try to understand how to live as a Christian and an actor at the same time. I haven't been blogging as much, I think because the book has been getting a lot of my writing energy. But it seemed like tonight was the night to write.

Now to this post: I wonder if you hear God speaking to you in the little things of your day like I do? Do you notice him when you are brushing your teeth or when you lock the door behind you and the key gets stuck a little in the lock? Because he is in all of those moments, big and grand and epic in the tiniest temporal thing.

My good friend Leslie recently commented about how I see everything as a metaphor for life. So, true, so true. I just seem to be made that way. I couldn't help but notice, as I've lived along this life, that so many "regular" things are actually symbols for the greater reality behind …

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